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Application C-ITS Pilot Project Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems

C-ITS (Cooperative ITS) is a field of all ITS, not a substitute for existing ITS, but a concept emerging from the technological development of ITS.

C-ITS is a system that provides accident-related information such as traffic conditions, sudden stop, and fallen objects to the driver in real time.

C-ITS Service image Location Based Vehicle Data Collection New Window Location Based Traffic Information Provisio New Window WAVE communicaion based toll collection New Window Hazardous Location Notification New Window Road Feature and Weather Notification New Window Road Work Zone Warning New Window Signalized Intersection Violation Warning New Window Intersection Right Turn Colflict Warning New Window Transit Vehicle Opreation Management New Window School Bus Warning System New Window School and Silver Zone Warning Data Collection New Window Pedestrian Collision Warning New Window Forward Collision Warning New Window Emergency Vehicle Approaching Alert New Window Vehicle SOS Service New Window *Click each of titles on the C-ITS application image to view 15 videos.
Provides applicaion field, core function and explanation.
Application field Core function Explanation
Basic information
1 Location based

vehicle data collection

OBU collects vehicle status information, location information, and driving information and stores them in the TMC server
2 Location based traffic

information provision

Location-based traffic information such as traffic information processed at the TMC is provided to the OBU driving on the road
Toll collection 3 WAVE communication

based toll collection

In the case of toll roads, the ‘Smart Tolling’ system collects toll fees without stopping vehicles while maintaining the speed. (Different from the existing ‘hipass’)
driving support
4 Hazardous Location Notification Provide forward-looking information and safe driving information for potential risks and real-time emergencies
5 Road feature and

 weather notification

Provide status information and safe driving information on road surface and weather conditions that are dangerous to vehicle
6 Road work zone warning Provide status information and safe driving information on the situation of the road work (construction, cleaning, etc..)
Intersection traffic
safety support
7 Signalized Intersection

 Violation Warning

Provide phase information to prevent accident at the intersection and damage of signal violation
8 Intersection right turn

 conflict warning

Prevent collisions caused by conflicts arising from turning right at intersection approach
Public transportation
safety support
9 Transit Vehicle

Operation Management

Increase quality and safety of transportation applicaion through real-time bus management by collecting bus information
10 School bus warning system Preventing accidents by providing information of yellow bus getting on and off to nearby vehicles
Pedestrian care
(at all times)
11 School and Silver Zone Warning Provide real-time operation and safety information to the school zone entry vehicle for regulated speed operation
12 Pederstrian collision warning Prevent crashes between vehicles and pedestrians, and vehicles and bicycles at intersections or road sections
Prevent accident
between vehicles
13 Forward Collision Warning Prevent direct or secondary accidents that caused by other vehicles’ breakdown or accidents
14 Emergency Vehicle

   approaching alert

Provide driving information of emergency vehicle to the front vehicles for Reducing arrival time at rescue sites
15 Vehicle SOS applicaion Prevent direct or secondary accidents that caused by other vehicle's breakdown or accidents