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History C-ITS Pilot Project Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems

∎ History

the year of 2016

07Provided the C-ITS applications and Distributed OBUs (On the Board Unit)
          (in Daejeon-Sejong cities)

the year of 2015

10Infrastructure construction and Application test (Daejeon-Sejong artery 42km)

05Selected the company and Started implementation (C-ITS pilot project)

the year of 2014

07Signed the agency contract for the C-ITS pilot project
         Notification of a designated pilot project consignment organization

02Planned the C-ITS project('14~'17, 18billion won)

the year of 2013

12Established the C-ITS master plan (‘14 ~ ‘30, 3.5 trillion won)

04Promoted the C-ITS, an advanced road safety system (national task)

the year of 2012

06Established the ITS plan 2020 (Automobile Road Traffic Sector)

01Planned the C-ITS infrastructure expansion
         (presidential council on national branding)

∎ Plan

short-trem:Expressway V2I safety and Service Standarization(2014~2020) / mid-term:Expansion of V2I service(metropolitan) and V2V safety service(2021~2025) / long-term:Expansion of V2I Service(small and medium cities)and V2P safety service/ The Goal is make the number of deaths in traffic accidents 'zeroise'